Every day, I will post a Picture of the Day in the Blog. I will also post a daily Bible verse, video, and babysitting tip. This is not just a babysitting website, just committed to babysitting. Babysitting is its main topic, but other things, such as funny videos, are included. If you need to cite this website, go into the home tab and scroll down. There, you will find everything you need to know to cite. Also in the home tab, you will find an overview of my business and the site. In the contact tab, you find my contact info, as well as a contact form to send to me. In the photo gallery, I put some pictures that I took over the past two years showing what happens in my life. In the games tab, you can take a break from booking times for me to babysit for you, and find games to calm your nerves. The Babysitters help page tab is a place for babysitters to come for some ideas on babysitting. The forum is a place where I will post minor news and minor bits of information. The fun tab is where you can book a time for me to babysit your kid(s), watch a few videos, be part of a poll, and do the survey. The blog tab is the last tab and this is where I will post big news, info, and just fun things I found. Thanks for coming on my site and I hope to hear from you soon!!!

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